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Is coronavirus spiking your sales then leaving your in-stocks aching?

Coronavirus is here. Unless you were living in a cave, you've undoubtedly seen the media pandemonium, heard people talking about it, or seen and felt the effects of it on both travel and the stock market.

According to this Nielsen investigation, consumers are rushing to create "pandemic pantries" across the US, China, and Italy. This means retail is not immune from the effects of the virus either, presenting some symptoms that, if not treated, can result in some long-term negative effects. 

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Winning at Walmart Series: Button up for your Buyer – Part DEAUX

Mama always told me, “Son, if I can’t trust you with the little things, how can I trust you with the big things?” (That probably should have been written in ALL CAPS, because it was usually after I’d done something to make her blow a gasket). I didn’t anticipate how impactful and applicable that nugget of wisdom would be during my career working with Walmart Inc.

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Winning at Walmart: 5 Metrics Critical to Your Replenishment Manager

Toyota President Taiichi Ohno developed and implemented the first Just-in-Time inventory plan in Japan in 1938. The concept was simple: “make only what is needed, when it is needed, and in the amount needed.”

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Winning at Walmart Series: Button Up for Your Buyer

What does it mean to “button up” for your buyer?

The discipline of “buttoning up” for your buyer meeting with Walmart may sound like a foreign concept to you. Today’s workforce is full of remote work stations, home offices, coffee shop warriors, “work-cations,” and a general shift toward a more casual way of thinking.

Lucky for you, we’re not addressing the desire to be comfortable at work in “dress sweats” and dry wick woven bamboo t-shirt; or the paradigm shift in overall work-appropriate attire. We’re tackling a substantial factor much more important to Walmart: A comprehensive and detailed approach to the way you present and service your business at Walmart.

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