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Walmart Supplier Requirements You Need to Understand

Walmart doesn’t set a lot of hard-and-fast rules for its suppliers. More than anything, it wants to see that suppliers have the resources and expertise to follow through on its promises. 

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7 Mistakes a Supplier Should Avoid with a Walmart Buyer

Getting your products featured on Walmart store shelves is hard enough as it is. Keeping them there is even harder. With so much competition for this coveted retail space, the margin for error is thin for any CPG brand, which puts pressure on suppliers to avoid the many pitfalls that can hurt a retail brand’s relationship with Walmart buyers.

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5 Tips to Make Your Walmart Buyer Love You

As a CPG supplier, the value of a strong relationship with Walmart buyers can’t be overstated. These buyers are your entry point to getting your products stocked on Walmart’s shelves, and keeping them happy will support your retail brand’s goals of sticking around at Walmart, and even growing your retail presence.

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