Arena Newest Team Member! Introducing Shawn Morris (with Q&A!)

Here at Arena, we strive to live out our core values every single day. Dare greatly. Make a difference. Do the right thing. Together. In order to do that we believe that we must have the right people on the bus. Finding people to fill an empty role can be an easy approach to quickly grow your business, but that isn’t the way to sustain growth. One specific area that you must get right when working with Walmart is Replenishment. Our team knew that we need to put the right resources in place for our clients and bring in a new team member to lead the charge!

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13 Tips to Help You Prepare for Virtual Meetings

Virtual meetings are the new normal for people around the globe. Over the past few months, our team has learned a lot about preparing and executing a successful online conference call. Here's the most important thing to remember:

Be yourself! Showing people grace, keeping it casual, and being real with your attendees is far more impactful in the long run (even if you stumble during the meeting).

That being said, a little prep can help keep things on track for a smoother meeting.

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Four Long-Term Trends to Expect at Walmart After Covid-19

Some have called it the “Retail Apocalypse” others called it “Ugly March”, and soon, we’ll be hearing about “Hideous April” too. But there’s no denying that businesses, especially those in retail, were some of the hardest hit during this pandemic.

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Arena Announces New President, Tom Addington

Arena Announces Addington as Key Leadership for Corporate Strategy and Vision

Addington brings 30 years of consultation and corporate leadership experience to take Arena to the next level

Rogers, AR: Today, Arena announced that Tom Addington, Ph. D. will be joining the company as President, effective May 4, 2020.

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How COVID-19 has Impacted Shopping Behavior for Walmart

Retail and grocery might feel like the wild west these days. Shoppers scour the aisles for toilet paper, hand sanitizer, and household cleaning products. Customers book coveted time slots for pickup and delivery as soon as they appear. Restaurants sell groceries to locals.

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Quick Hits on How the Coronavirus Impact is Driving Traffic and Behavior at Walmart

Unless you’ve been off-grid the past few weeks, you know COVID-19 is here, and it’s having a significant impact on shopping behavior. Not only are consumers stocking up on products they normally would not buy, they’re facing product shortages and having to shop in different stores or seek out what they need online.

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Is coronavirus spiking your sales then leaving your in-stocks aching?

Coronavirus is here. Unless you were living in a cave, you've undoubtedly seen the media pandemonium, heard people talking about it, or seen and felt the effects of it on both travel and the stock market.

According to this Nielsen investigation, consumers are rushing to create "pandemic pantries" across the US, China, and Italy. This means retail is not immune from the effects of the virus either, presenting some symptoms that, if not treated, can result in some long-term negative effects. 

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Fancy Food Show Hot Takes: 5 Ways Brands Stood Out from the Crowd.

The 2020 Winter Fancy Food Show promised and delivered on innovation as well as new and emerging trends in the specialty food industry.

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Insights on 'How Brands Grow': You Can Take Steps to Grow—Now

So, your item is in Walmart or other retailers, but sales growth isn’t what you'd hoped. Perhaps fewer shoppers are aware of your brand, or the competition is fierce, or your marketing budget is modest. In short, you’re not sure how your current marketing choices are working. Join the club—famed ad man John Wanamaker once said: “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is, I don't know which half”.

A recent series of best-selling books titled How Brands Grow by Byron Sharp pierces the clutter, laying a course of action for brand owners and marketers worldwide. How Brands Grow is a manifesto for evidence-based marketing: building brands based on what works in practice, rather than what should work in marketing theory. Guest blogger Jim Hauskey of Happy Egg Co. shares his take on How Brands Grow, and his company's experience applying the principles.

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U.S. Retail Expertise How to Grow and Expand Your Brand in the U.S. Market.

When you’re looking to launch a brand across U.S. retail, businesses tend to take any opportunity they’re given. They’re not highly selective when it comes to expanding into the U.S. market and instead, they throw everything at the wall and see what sticks.

That may be a fine strategy when you’re just trying to get your products on U.S. store shelves. But when those opportunities start to develop, the “throw everything” approach needs to go out the window. Instead, it’s time to be strategic and develop a game plan for where you go from that point on.

So let’s assume that your business has developed a presence in U.S. retail, and it’s looking to build upon that early success. What’s the path forward? What strategic variables need to be considered? Here’s a look at the strategy considerations to keep in mind.

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